Wednesday, May 27, 2009

in training for the woofstock walk...

Don't let the laid back appearance fool you...this is one serious pooch...and he's counting the days until June 14. Fresh off his tour to CP 24 where he made his poster child debut, he is gearing up for a return trip to the big city.

Woofstock takes over the blocks around the St. Lawrence Market the weekend of June 13 and 14. Our friends from the Collie Rescue Network always have a booth. Foster did a stint there one year (and loved the location right next to Shopsy's!). Last year, Shadow was scheduled, but serious heat interfered. This year, he plans to make up for it.

If you like dogs of any type, Woofstock is a must-do experience -- at least once. (Beware...there's sound....) Candidly, the site's no great shakes other than offering directions, but the day is a blast.

I like it because while I'm prepared to admit that I'm oddly devoted to my pets, I am not even closing in on the pet people who are really out there. Really. Woofstock kindly reminds me of that each year.

I don't dress my pets to resemble fact, we have a long-standing agreement: they wear what they grow. They share what they shed. I don't ever yearn for a fur coat because I have a different style of one every day. I revel in the fashion adventure of it all....

My pals walk. On their own. Even the cats.

Companions content to be carried in a purse are scary.

Basset hounds dressed in tutus (really...every year...) convince the Alderman Collie Contigent they got reasonably good people. (I suppose we should be greatful that they don't have toe shoes on the poor dogs as well!)

I do admit to collecting hats and t-shirts there. I hope to get my paws on the best one I've seen to date, 'AT THE END OF THIS LEASH WALKS A TAXPAYER WHO HAS RIGHTS TOO'

So this year, we are at the booth, but we are also walking. The route's a couple of kilometres to be sure we don't embarrass our Collie Rescue pals...and to be true to the Legacy of Lassie, we're in training.

The cheering section (aka Foster and Amber) will train with us...a bit.

They're both 10+ so they prefer to share their wisdom but pass on the action part of the show.

Foster would pound the pavement with glee (he still dreams about Shopsy's) but Miss Amber likes to have company so Fozzie is prepared to let the youngster loose.